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Umpire and Scorer Training in Surrey

Surrey Association of Cricket Officials presents its 2016/17 programme of education and training for cricket umpires and scorers. This comprises introductory sessions and courses at Level 1, and for umpires, courses at Levels 1A and 2 as well. Please read the descriptions carefully before you apply for a place, in order that you select the appropriate course. Full details of dates, venues, prices and contact details for course leaders can be found here. General enquiries, or requests for advice, may be sent to the County Education Officer at

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events for qualified and practising umpires will be announced here. They will be available for every member of ECB ACO in Surrey, regardless of where or what they umpire, to develop and enhance their abilities. They will enable learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

Introduction to Umpiring

Presented in a single session, this is aimed at anyone interested in learning about the principal Laws and their application. It is designed for parents of young cricketers and for adult or young players who find themselves called upon to umpire from time to time. No formal qualification will be gained but a certificate of attendance will be issued. The course is subsidised and each attendee is charged just £5. Places at each venue are limited and must be reserved in advance.

Introductory Course schedules and contact details can be found here.

More details about the Introduction to Umpiring Course syllabus can be found here.

Umpire Level 1 (Club Umpire)

This course is the first step for anyone wishing to become a qualified umpire. The basic Laws are taught in detail and there is a written exam at the end. It is not necessary to have attended an Introductory Course to take Level 1. It can be taken over several evenings on a weekly basis or in a more concentrated format over three consecutive Saturdays. An optional, but recommended, one-day practical session follows the course for those who have been successful in the exam, in which umpires learn how to put their newly-acquired knowledge into practice. The initial course costs £50 for adults and £35 for under 18s, inclusive of all course materials. Those who pass the Level 1 exam will be invited to attend the practical session which costs £10, including lunch. Places at each venue are limited and must be reserved in advance.

Umpire Level 1 course schedules and contact details can be found here.

More details about the Level 1 Umpiring Course syllabus can be found here.

Umpire Level 1A (Panel Umpire)

This course enables ECB ACO members qualified at Level 1 to acquire the essential skills of field-craft, match management, man management and self-reflection. An intention to progress to higher levels of cricket is not required, just a desire to be the best you can be at whatever level you choose to officiate. Unlike Level 1, the classroom sessions are not taught but are more akin to seminars led by specially trained tutors who encourage candidates to build upon their collective knowledge and experiences to develop their skills further. These sessions are supplemented subsequently by observations by a trained assessor of the candidate's on-field performances, followed by constructive, written feedback intended to identify points for further development. In Surrey, the custom has been for the first observation to be made by a trained assessor standing with you in a match as your colleague. Where this happens, no charge is made for the observation and feedback. The second observation is carried out from the boundary. The classroom course costs £40 (all ages) and the boundary observation/feedback costs £35. Places at each venue are limited and must be reserved in advance.

Umpire Level 1A course schedules and contact details can be found here.

Umpire Level 2 (Premier League Umpire)

This course is designed for experienced umpires who aspire to stand at the highest level of league cricket (although it does not guarantee such appointments, as these are merit-based). It is available for all members of ECB ACO who have qualified at Levels 1 & 1A. As well as the interpretation and application of the Laws, it will cover in greater depth the management of the match, the field and the players on it. The course is also suitable for those umpires who, although not aspiring to Premier League cricket, still want to develop their skills to be the best umpire they can be. The course will be supplemented by observations and assessments, and each candidate must assemble a portfolio containing documentary evidence of their own and others' reflections on their on-field performances. This usually takes place over two seasons, depending mainly on how often the umpire officiates. The course, together with two mandatory boundary observations and a Professional Discussion with a qualified assessor, costs £150 (all ages). Those who would like to attend this course to expand their knowledge, but who are not seeking accreditation at Level 2, may do so at a reduced cost of £60 because they will not be observed or assessed. Places are limited and must be reserved in advance.

Umpire Level 2 course schedules and contact details can be found here.

Introduction to Scoring Course

For groups interested in brushing up their scoring skills, we offer a one-evening Introduction to Scoring Course that deals with symbols used in the book, umpires signals, relevant Laws and a fun 5-overs innings to record! Not every association offers this course, but everywhere in the county is still covered, as those that do are prepared to send tutors beyond their normal catchment area. The evenings are organised on an ad hoc basis, as and when the groups wishing to undertake the course request them.

Introductory Course contact details can be found here.

Scorer Level 1 (Club Scorer)

The Level 1 Scoring classroom course assumes no prior knowledge of scoring nor of the Laws of the game. It provides instruction on the box (standard scorebook) method of scoring through a series of animated exercises, as well as signalling and general teamwork advice with umpiring colleagues.

Following the classroom course, students are asked to score at least ten games before arranging for a Professional Discussion during which their scoring records will be assessed. It's at this point that the award of Level 1 qualification is made.

Course schedules and contact details can be found here.

A schematic of the Scorer Pathway can be found here (.pdf).

The Scorer Level 1 course is also available by Correspondence. Further detail is available on the Scorer Courses page of the ECB ACO website and also from the principal contact for the Correspondence Course, Lynn Allen, at