Umpire Accreditation

Umpire Accreditation is now separate from Umpire Education and is available following the completion of Stages Two, Three and Four of the education programme.

Anybody who has attended Stage One training can automatically enrol for Stage Two training and, having attended that, can go on to enrol in a Stage Three course and so on BUT accreditation (or qualification) at each stage will be dependent upon demonstrable on-field competence.

Those seeking accreditation must:

  • be members of ECB ACO
  • have attended the relevant education stage or equivalent
  • have completed the relevant MCC on line Laws Course (basic for U2A; intermediate for U3A)
  • book and pay online and register with ECB ACO Membership Services for the Supported Development Programme
  • be observed from the boundary during a qualifying match by a qualified ECB ACO Observer (at least once for U2A and at least twice for U3A)
  • compile a portfolio of evidence comprising a┬áminimum record of 4 matches (for U2A) & 10 matches (for U3A), including match planners and review sheets.
  • engage in a Professional Discussion with a qualified ECB ACO Assessor who, if satisfied of the candidate’s competence (based upon the portfolio and the discussion), will recommend the candidate for accreditation by the issuing of a Certificate of Achievement