Umpire Grading

Details of the meaning umpire grading issued after the 2019 season ready for 2020 can be found here:    2019 Umpire Grading Instructions for 2020

N.B. A minimum of 6 matches must be umpired at the relevant grade

In Surrey the current pairings of the Grade levels and league is as follows:-

C1  :  Surrey Championship Premier League 1st Eleven

C2:   Surrey Championship Divisions 1 and 2 1st Eleven

C3    Surrey Championship Divisions 3 and 4 1st Eleven

C4:   Surrey Cricket League  (Panel Appointed matches)  ;  I’Anson League  (Panel appointed matches ) ; Surrey Championship Premier League 2nd Eleven

C5:  All other cricket including Club umpires in Surrey Championship (other than Premier Second Eleven), Fullers Surrey County League, Surrey Downs, and non Panel games in I’Anson League and Surrey Cricket League plus Schools matches and Ladies Cricket.

C6:  Those umpires who have not disclosed if they have stood in more than six matches in the past season or whether they are still active plus umpires who have stood in fewer than 6 games in 2021

C7: Umpires who remain members but who are no longer active.