Umpire Grading

Most umpires are not particularly ambitious, content in the knowledge that their participation helps players to enjoy the sport.  For others, the “level” at which they officiate is very important indeed.  It is for the latter group that grading is, and will increasingly become, relevant.  As appointments become ever-more competence-based, how an umpire is graded will form an integral part of his or her ability to progress on the officials’ pathway.

SACO grades its umpire members, according to agreed national standards, dependent upon the level of cricket they officiated in the previous season for a minimum of six matches:

C1 – ECB Premier League – Surrey Championship 1st XI Premier Division

C2 – Tier 2 League – Surrey Championship 1st XI Divisions 1 & 2

C3 – Tier 3 League – Surrey Championship 1st XI Divisions 3 & 4

C4 – Tier 4 League – Other leagues with an Umpires Panel (i.e. Surrey Cricket League, I’Anson League)

C5 – All other levels of umpiring (minimum of 6 matches)

C6 – Inactive (less than 6 matches) and new umpires

The basic grade is enhanced with a * where it has been determined the umpire has the immediate potential to officiate at the next level.  Previous experience of umpiring at a higher level is recognised by a + provided that person is deemed capable of doing so again at that level should the need or opportunity arise.  For example, a grade C5+3 would be awarded to someone previously graded C2 but who, based on matches umpired in the previous year, could only be awarded grade C5.

Any umpire member who has any questions about the grading process, or who wishes to verify his/her grade for the current year, is invited to contact the County Performance Officer, Brian Hurn (