Umpiring Performance & Development

SACO supports its umpire members by arranging periodic boundary observations by experienced, trained and accredited officials.  These are followed by feedback that is intended to lead to improved performances and increased levels of confidence.  Whether an umpire would like to make progress in his/her umpiring career or simply obtain objective and constructive help and fresh ideas from an observer, help and support is available.

An observation, including a pre-match discussion and post-match feedback followed by a written report, costs £35 and can be arranged through the County Development Officer, Graeme Hall – who may be contacted for further information on any aspect of performance or development.

Continuous Professional Development Videos

To develop as an umpire it is important to work on all aspects of umpiring during matches and continuously look to improve.  To help with your development our colleagues at Lancashire ACO have put together a series of videos on many aspects of umpiring.  Please click on the below link to access the videos:

Lancashire ACO CPD videos