Scoring Opportunities for 2018

Scoring opportunities can be posted here if SACO becomes aware of them.  In order to keep things fresh, it would be helpful if  the Webmaster ( was informed when an advertised vacancy had been filled.

Cheam CC is seeking a scorer for its 2018 1st XI matches in The Surrey Championship (Div 3). We are flexible as to whether you would like to do this every Saturday or just some Saturdays. This position will be paid and the scorer will also receive a free social membership to our club and plenty of refreshments courtesy of our captain James Wright. We’d love for someone to become part of our club as well as our scorer. Games start at Noon. Vacancy is available starting immediately.  For further information, please contact Nas at

Churt CC is seeking a scorer for its 2018 first XI matches in the The Surrey Championship.  For further information,  please contact Toby at

East Molesey CC is seeking a scorer for its 2018 first XI matches in the Premier Division of The Surrey Championship.  The club will be using modern formats, with a tablet and links to online analysis.  The right person, able to manage this effectively, will be rewarded handsomely.  For further information, or to express an interest in the position, please contact Dom Reed, 1st XI captain, at